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About Us

Adaria Estate is a boutique real estate agency working with you for you.


Our background

We had been gaining experience in the construction and real estate industry for years before deciding to expand our scope of work. Thanks to our invaluable insights we are able to guide our clients when it comes to the most crucial aspects of selling or buying a property.


We opened Work&Share, a co-working space that eventually became a work environment for 120 people, including startups, digital companies and entrepreneurs.


We expanded our capacity to 280 people and positioned ourselves as one of the largest co-working hubs in the country.


We acquired 3500 sq.m. through the final expansion of W&S, achieving a total capacity of 380 people and an average occupancy rate of 95%.

After working hard to provide the best working conditions for our clients, we realized that it was time to take care of their homes as well. This is how Adaria Property came to be, because we know how to satisfy the needs of our clients.


If any issues arise, you will be the first to know. We avoid sweeping problems under the rug because we believe in long-term relationships with our clients.


Quality this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive mansion on the market. There are plenty of hidden undervalued gems we would be happy to introduce you to. From the materials used to the location - we take everything into consideration.


Nothing will put a bigger smile on our faces than seeing you take a deep emotional gasp, followed by ‘This is the one!’. Getting to this point can be a long journey - but we try to make it as pleasurable as possible with our constant positivity.

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