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The real estate is over-saturated with properties, yet rarely do we find something we would gladly call ‘home’. We are aware of this phenomenon and we act accordingly.



Instead of showing you everything in our catalog, we first spend some time getting to know you better. This includes not only an interview, but also a thorough questionnaire with some deep questions that will allow us to better visualize your dream home. Your personal tastes, your specific preferences, your vision for the future, everything matters. Only after fully understanding what you truly cherish can we continue with suggesting you something that may appeal to you.

Signing the contract

You get a gut feeling that we’ve stumbled upon the place that you have dreamed of. We try to reduce the paperwork hassle as much as possible so that you can start enjoying your new home as soon as possible.


Property viewings

If a property is not suitable for you, we will not even consider showing it to you. We value your time, just like we value ours. All of the viewings will be set according to your schedule and we will not be rushing you to show up anywhere without prior notice.

Property purchase

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Just watch for the windows when you open that champagne!

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