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Why Your Property Needs Its Own Website

Let’s face it – the abundance of real estate offers on the market is overwhelming. Unless you stand out with a ridiculously low price, you will most likely have to wait quite a while before your property gets noticed by a serious buyer.

People usually list their house or apartment on the dozens of property aggregator sites, each of which features tens of thousands of offers. This is a recipe for having your property lost in a database which presents its listings in a manner that can hardly be defined as ‘appealing’. Very often these websites’ interfaces are outdated and they bet on the extensive information regarding the construction – and not on the most essential of all, which is the feelings that the place evokes.

Nowadays what everyone is looking for is exclusivity – especially in the luxury real estate market. When your property has its own website, it can actually have its own face and tell its own unique story to the world. And an essential part of Marketing 101 is that people buy stories – not only those that have already taken place but also those that are about to happen. They want to imagine themselves relaxing on the spacious living room sofa or having breakfast in the cozy kitchen. 

Furthermore, the options that a website presents you with give you a lot more flexibility to include eye-catching features such as the following ones:

  1. Unlimited photos – don’t get restricted by a real estate agency’s policy of the number & the size of the images you upload
  2. Video reviews – share HQ videos of your property that show it in the most appealing way possible
  3. 360-degree virtual tour – the next step, creating a GoogleMaps-like experience, allowing the website visitors to walk around your home and look at every angle with a few clicks
  4. VR tour – the most interactive way a person can get a grip of your home without actually visiting it.
  5. Interactive chatbots – have a chatbot answer all of the mundane questions that you may be asked by interested parties

This way anyone can get a sense of what your property feels like without even setting a foot in it. This allows you to have a great number of potential buyers make up their mind whether or not they’re interested in the real estate you’re offering – which can save you a lot of time in showing undecided buyers around. 
Best of all, you don’t need any programming skills to get your own state-of-the-art real estate website. Adaria Estate can do that for you and create a fascinating virtual ‘business card’ of the property you’d like to sell.

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